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Data-Genie “Information – gathering and reporting” – real fast

Data Genie – a revolutionary tool to help you set-up, search and report on your own data – without using a programmer.

The computer has given us powerful data-base systems like Access, SQL and even Excel to collect and interrogate our data, but it requires so much effort to develop the programs to do this

Data-Genie is a “ready to use”, all embracing system for inputting data, searching and reporting (accumulating) – you just provide definitions of all the fields (columns or variables) that you wish to record. Data-genie then does the rest

Data-Genie is being used in all sorts of fields, tracking of software suggestions, investments, personal accounts, a large bibliographic book collection, timesheets – and even wedding guest lists. Your data can be held locally on your PC/network or on the web in a secure place for remote multi-user access

Data-Genie also allows you to import data that you have already collected and stored in an Excel, Access or SQL database provide a swift and cheap transfer from your legacy system

Bureau services are available to help get you started - real fast

Data-Genie is a joint development by Mark-IT and Exceed IT

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