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You must specify a list of variables that you wish to hold/collect. For instance in the case of time-sheets, the date, number of hours, the clients, any notes and perhaps hourly rate. For each ‘variable’ you have to provide a shot-name, a long name or title, a type, etc. Your ‘id’ will be automatically included on each entry with your user-name

Data-Genie currently offers the following type of data

  • Integer
  • Real,
  • Text
  • notes,
  • static drop-down list,
  • dynamic drop down lists,
  • Boolean (yes/no),
  • single or multiple choice options,
  • dates,
  • special fields (labels, lock keys, record id)
  • unique identifier- no duplicates
  • some constraints

You can even provide personalised help text for a novice user to help them understand what any variable means and how to proceed

You can optionally provide admin information about how the data-entry screen should look, what background colour to use, where the data-base is to be held (local PC) or on the web, if password are required

Once that is completed Data-genie configures itself and it’s ready to run. That means you can use it for data-entry, searching, exporting and reporting as explained below

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