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Data genie is a windows based program for gathering (data-input) and processing your data

The following example may help you understand how it works.

You are trying to keep track of your staff’s (or your own) time sheets. You have 3 options a) Buy a ready made program, b) ask your programmer to build something in Access or c) Set up a crude data-base using excel.

You will need features to :-

  • Input data (key in the data through a user friendly screen, with drop down lists, date field’s free text (notes) and numeric field – with some data-checking
  • Search for data and get an instant report
  • Provide more sophisticated reports with subtotals
  • Export the reports and data to other systems
  • .. and perhaps consider running this on the web for people to enter remotely

Data-Genie provides all of this – automatically.

In order to use it you need provide only a list of variables (or columns or fields) that you wish to collect and the system then configures itself to provide all the functionality above – a more!

If you already have your data collected and held in an Excel, Access or SQL data-base it can be imported into Data-Genie and ready to run within minutes. You are then provided with the following

  • Data checking on input
  • Save reports as CSV or PDF
  • Cross tabulations, sort/count reports
  • Computation of new derived fields
  • Putting your own help text for novice users
  • Passwords and logging
  • Cosmetically alter the screen layout, logos and splash screen
  • Save the request for inquiry or report for easy recall
  • An audit log of all changes
  • Easy recall of changes made to any record
  • Project managements (for multiple DG projects) including archiving and speedy navigation, adding new projects

…the list is endless…

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